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Nowadays, the decoration of houses often requires the purchase of matching and desirable furniture. In the furniture market, a variety of furniture has a variety of styles, such as modern and simple, European-style pastoral, Western classical, American, Chinese, ancient Chinese styles, etc. Wait.

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The history and masterpieces of western classical furniture

The history of western classical furniture is mainly divided into three stages, namely, classical furniture in slave society, medieval furniture in feudal society, and modern furniture after the Renaissance. The masterpieces of Western classical furniture in the slave society period are: the golden armrests and golden beds of ancient Egypt, the Sennakerib chair of ancient Asia, the masterpiece of ancient Greece is the Devros stool, and the masterpiece of ancient Rome is the Lekta. Recliner. The representative works of Western classical furniture in the Middle Ages include: Byzantium's King Maximan's throne, imitation Romanesque armchairs and hilltop wardrobes, and Gothic Martin Pope chairs. Renaissance Dante chairs, Savonarola chairs and Scarpello chairs, Casa plate benches, octagonal tables with footrests, etc., as well as Louis XVI style gold armchairs.

Classification of Western Classical Furniture

The classification of Western classical furniture includes ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and Rome in the slave society, Byzantium, imitation Romanesque, and Gothic in the feudal society, as well as the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, and Neoclassical periods. And so on classical furniture.

Features of Western Classical Furniture

Generally speaking, Western classical furniture usually has a strong cultural atmosphere and exquisite craftsmanship, which is a symbol of taste and status. In addition, different styles of western classical furniture have different characteristics. For example, the classical furniture of ancient Egypt pays attention to its decoration, symmetry, majesty, rigor and other characteristics. The classical furniture of ancient Greece is people-oriented, pays attention to the beauty of form, and has the characteristics of brief introduction, comfort and harmony. The classical furniture of ancient Rome is solemn, heavy, and practical.

Byzantine furniture in the Middle Ages has the characteristics of fine carvings and inlays, solemn and gorgeous, and decorations with Christian elements. The imitation of Romanesque has the characteristics of liking for carving, cumbersome, restrained, and tall vertically. Renaissance furniture has the characteristics of luxury, exquisiteness, elegance and wood. The Western classical furniture of the Baroque period has the characteristics of elegance, luxury, dignity, pursuit of romance, and gorgeous colors. The furniture of the Rococo period pays attention to the combination of practicality, decoration and comfort, as well as the finely crafted details, and the appearance is simple. Western classical furniture in the neoclassical period has the characteristics of simple symmetry, attention to details and carvings, and practical dignity.

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