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Bedding refers to the items placed on the bed for people to use during sleep, including bedding, duvet covers, sheets, bedspreads, bed covers, pillowcases, pillow cores, blankets, summer mats and mosquito nets.

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Bedding is an important part of home textiles. According to the classification of China National Textile Association:

1. Covers, 2 pillows, 3 bedding, 4. kits.


1. Covers: including duvet covers, bedspreads, and sheets.

2. Pillows: initially can be divided into pillowcases, pillowcases, pillowcases are divided into short pillowcases, long pillowcases, square pillowcases, etc., pillowcases are divided into four-hole fiber pillows, square pillows, kapok pillows, magnetic pillows, latex pillows , Chrysanthemum pillow, buckwheat pillow, cassia pillow and so on.

3. Futons: seven-hole quilt, four-hole quilt, air-conditioning quilt, protective cushion;

4. Kit: four-piece, five-piece, six-piece, seven-piece.

Matters needing attention when choosing bedding

1. Check the label and look at the packaging. The packaging of each genuine product has the product model, washing method and fabric texture instructions. For products with incomplete, irregular, or inaccurate product markings, rough product packaging, illegible printing, or no markings, or products with inconsistent markings, consumers must be cautious or unsuitable to buy products.

2. Check the appearance and see the workmanship. Good quality products have a clean and tidy surface, a smooth and even cloth surface, fine texture, clear printing, and uniform sewing. And some products, although the price is cheap, but the surface of the product may be stained, uneven cloth surface, sparse texture, disordered pattern, rough sewing, and corresponding important indexes will also change.

3. Smell the taste and distinguish the texture. Consumers can also smell the "odor" when selecting and purchasing bedding. If there is a pungent smell, there may be residual formaldehyde, so it is advisable not to buy it. When choosing colors, light colors should also be selected as much as possible, so that formaldehyde and color fastness exceed the standard.

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