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In addition to fatigue; it has a wide range of applications, and can be used when going out to work, moving frequently, camping in the wild, swimming or taking a temporary break at work.

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Small footprint, easy to carry; comfortable, can realize the close integration of the bed and the human body, which is beneficial to eliminate fatigue as soon as possible; wide range of applications, can be used when going out to work, moving frequently, camping in the wild, swimming or taking a temporary rest at work. However, the air permeability of the inflatable bed is poor, and the air permeability of the inflatable bed is poor. The inflatable bed is made of pvc material, and its air permeability is very poor. Therefore, if there is no object cushioned, sleeping in an inflatable bed will do more harm than good, and it may also Prone to rheumatism. For children who are still in the period of physical growth and development, using an inflatable bed will cause poor development or poor bone growth. Easily affected by high temperature, inflatable beds are susceptible to high temperature and become airless or soft. In general, inflatable beds are fine for young people to sleep for a short time, and children and the elderly should not sleep.

Purchase of inflatable beds:

1. Check whether the depth of the suture on both sides of the inflatable bed is obvious.

2. The thickness of the inflatable bed should be uniform and flat, not easy to tip over when placed vertically, and the pen is straight and square.

3. Try to sleep in person. The lining material of a good air mattress will not move or be uneven. Lie flat on an inflatable mattress, feel the support and support of various parts of the body, especially the back and waist; then lie on your side, also feel the support and support of the back and waist of the body; finally put the body in normal The habitual sleeping posture, after turning over and over many times, feel the comfort and support that the mattress brings to you.

4. The size of the air mattress: When purchasing an air mattress, add 20 cm to your height as the best size, so as to leave room for the head, hands and feet to stretch.

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