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Classical furniture is a symbol of the development level of social productivity in a certain historical period, reflecting the social life style, the level of social material civilization and historical and cultural characteristics in a certain historical period, thus condensing rich and profound historical sociality.

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Smell: Except for solid wood furniture, most of the wood furniture sold on the market now have wood-based panels. Therefore, it is important to smell the smell when purchasing. If it makes people cry or sneeze, it means that the furniture emits high formaldehyde, and there may be a problem, so don't buy it.

Look at the report: Consumers request a quality inspection report from the dealer to see if the amount of formaldehyde emitted by the furniture is within the range allowed by the standard. The national standard "Limited Limits of Hazardous Substances in Wooden Furniture for Interior Decoration and Refurbishment Materials" stipulates that the amount of formaldehyde emitted in wooden furniture shall not exceed 1.5 mg per liter. If the formaldehyde of the wooden furniture purchased exceeds the standard, do not buy it. It is recommended to buy furniture made of panels that meet the e1 standard. , Only the board that meets the e1 standard can be truly harmless to the human body.

Asking price: Most of the wood furniture with excessive formaldehyde uses cheap man-made panels, so the price of the whole set of wood furniture is often "ultra-low". Due to the extensive use of low-quality glue for cheap man-made boards, the amount of formaldehyde released seriously exceeded the standard.

Signing a contract: It is best for customers to sign a "Furniture Sales Contract" when purchasing furniture, and write environmental protection clauses into the contract.

Invoicing: Nowadays, a lot of consumers are tempted by the low price of the dealers to take the white strips, receipts, etc. , So the dealer must issue a formal invoice to buy furniture

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