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Classical furniture is a symbol of the development level of social productivity in a certain historical period, reflecting the social life style, the level of social material civilization and historical and cultural characteristics in a certain historical period, thus condensing rich and profound historical sociality.

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Generally, a naturally formed patina will appear in the position where the user's hand is often touched. The new imitation patina is either unnatural or made in places that are not often touched.

Leg and foot traces:

Pay attention to whether there are signs of fading, dampness, and water immersion. Especially in humid areas in the south, furniture is generally placed directly on the muddy ground, and this will happen to the legs and feet of the furniture over time.

Bottom plate and drawer plate:

For example, classic desks and boring cabinets, the bottom plate and drawer board have an old atmosphere that the new imitation can't reach. There are also matte black paints for the old ones, but they are definitely not irritating. Then look at the side panels of the drawer, there should be a chamfered line on the side to avoid hurting your hands. It is also very important to see the tenon. In the past, the mortises were square, and the mortises were locked by the tips. If you see that the mortise is round at both ends, it means it was machined, and it must be a new imitation.

Wood grain:

There will be uneven wood grain on the surface of some furniture, but you have to look carefully, whether it is hard rubbed with a steel wire brush, and whether it matches the original wood grain. The newly imitated hard-rubbed wood grain always has an unnatural feeling.

Traces of renovation:

There are some cloth-covered chairs in the old furniture. After the renovation, the original seat ring will leave dense nail holes. This kind of chair is old. For some rattan-faced chairs, the original rattan-faced is rotten, leaving behind the rattan-piercing eyes, and you can see it when you turn it over.

Copper live parts:

If the copper pieces of old furniture are original, they should have been rubbed by hands for decades or even hundreds of years. Copper pieces include face pages, hinges, hinges, handles, corners, inlays, lock surfaces, etc. Some furniture with better materials will also be made of white copper. After a long time, a faint silver light will appear, which is reverie. . There are various patterns on some copper work pieces, including animals, flowers, auspicious characters, etc. The craftsmanship is very hard to imitate by today's coppersmiths. In some patterns with very strong folk interest, you can also distinguish the regional customs and the fashion of the times, so as to obtain precious humanistic information. There are also some copper work pieces that take too long. Although there is no patina, they will leave traces of rust, with a little green rust, or the surface is as uneven as a corroded plate. These are the key to distinguishing the authenticity of old furniture. one.


From the perspective of style and carving level. In the past, the working hours were broadened when making furniture, and the craftsman’s mentality was also quite calm, meticulously carved, round and natural. Nowadays, new imitation furniture is often in a hurry in order to reduce costs and will show up in the carving. In Chinese furniture, the roundness is not smooth enough, the square is not strong enough, and the border floral decorations of Western furniture will also appear to cut corners.

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