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The 5,000-year history of civilization of the Chinese nation has created a splendid, broad and profound national culture in China. As one of the important carriers for inheriting Chinese culture, mahogany furniture is naturally deeply influenced by Chinese traditional culture and national spirit.

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Each piece of mahogany furniture has its own unique cultural connotation, and its unique "Chinese spirit" has become more profound and profound after historical carving and precipitation. Today, we traverse the smoke and dust of history to pursue the Chinese spirit of "harmony and middle way" in mahogany furniture.

Sit on the “Golden Mean” between man and nature

Sitting piers were also called "embroidered piers" and "drum stools" in ancient times. The small, flexible, down-to-earth and simple poufs are made of solid wood, ceramics, stone, rattan and other diversified materials. No matter which material, they are taken from the outside and conform to the inside, forming a flexible and changeable style. The embroidered pier patterns are gorgeous but not gaudy, and the colors are heavy but not dull. These fully reflect the traditional Chinese philosophy of "the golden mean". Under the influence of the Confucianism of "the golden mean", the literati and elegant are indulged in the leisurely and elegant life of drinking and admiring the moon, outings, admiring flowers, and chatting in the small courtyard.

Long chair social harmony between people and others

The dragon chair, with a strong frame, a thick base, and exquisite and complex carved dragon patterns, highlights the emperor's elegant and wealthy temperament and the mighty and solemn status. The emperor is the emperor of the true dragon, and the emperor of "the unity of man and nature" is sacred and inviolable. Above the magnificent palace, the emperor's aura shocked all directions. The dragon chair represents the stability of the emperor's rights and implied the unshakable foundation of the country, but as the saying goes, "water can carry a boat, and it can also overturn it." "The Great Wall is still here today, and I don't see the first Emperor Qin." What the back of the dragon chair tells us is "Guotai can be safe for the people, and the people can be strong if the people are rich."

Inner harmony between human and self

The armchair is the most classic production of Ming Dynasty furniture. Its simple and elegant style and simple and smooth line design give the armchair a literary flavor. The armchair is a typical representative of the combination of the circle and the square. The circle is the main melody below the upper circle. The circle symbolizes harmony and happiness, while the square represents stability and integrity. The clever and calm mahogany armchair, soft with rigidity, and reality are intertwined, reflecting the ancient capable hermit's principle of "holding simplicity and truth, nothingness and nothingness", reflecting the value of literati and innocent people of "not happy with things, not sad with oneself" Orientation, stay away from officialdom battles with a heart of "indifferent and clear will", stay away from secular entanglements, and find the "quiet and far-reaching" in your heart.

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