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Living at home has made our requirements for the home environment ever higher. Nowadays, home is no longer limited to a single residence, but also carries our yearning for a better life and a refined life. This has also transformed the furniture from a purely practical product into a functional prop that expresses different lifestyles. The quality of furniture is no longer the focus of consumers, and artistic furniture with unique vitality will be more attractive.

Chinese-style furniture has a strong cultural heritage that meets people's deep spiritual needs, and the added value it brings has already surpassed the product itself. The new home furnishings make Chinese-style furniture a taste, an attitude, and a concept...

Entrance: Responsible for the facade, making an extraordinary appearance

In the interior space, the porch refers to the buffer zone between the living room and the door, also known as the small room, the hall, and the entrance hall. Therefore, the entrance is like the facade of a home. Although it occupies a small space, it has the dual functions of beauty and practicality, and is responsible for the decoration of the entire home atmosphere.

The traditional entrance is mainly to protect privacy, which is similar to the shadow wall of traditional Chinese gardens. Usually, a unique console table is used with wen pine, ink and screen, which not only implicitly obstructs the sight of visitors, but the beautiful shape adds to the beauty of the room and reflects the taste of the owner.

Under the influence of modern urban culture, the function of the entrance has also evolved. In addition to protecting privacy and decorative functions, as a transitional space to leave the room, people will change shoes, coats, etc. at the entrance to check their appearance. Therefore, you might as well transform the hallway into a cloak area. If the hallway space is large enough, chairs can be arranged to plan a leisure area, so that you can easily change clothes while you go out, and you can sit and chat.

Living room: throw away the TV and be with nature

As the core of the residential public space, the living room has formed a unique spatial structure and components during the development process. In particular, the sofa, TV and coffee table, commonly known as the "old three pieces" of the living room, occupy the leading role in the living room space. With the changes in people's lifestyles, the modest "oldest three" model has slowly changed.

Today, a single living room function can no longer meet people's needs. As the largest space in the home, people make full use of the blank area in the living room, place Chinese-style shelves, and store books or collections here, thereby creating a family reading area with functions of meeting guests, chatting, reading and writing, making the core of the whole home The zone not only has a warm sense of life, but also has a book fragrance.

The advent of the small apartment era has also made people no longer addicted to larger three-piece sofa sets, and small-volume furniture that can efficiently use space is more sought after by people. The simple and simple single sofa, small and chic couch, footstool, etc., highlight the freedom and casualness of the living room space.

Bedroom: living in peace and keeping in good health, health is supreme

In the modern lifestyle, the function of the bedroom is constantly changing according to the needs of life. Nowadays, only bedroom furniture that can reflect reasonable and meticulous storage space, expanded functions and comfort can meet people's living needs.

The main function of the bed is sleep, but daily activities such as reading, playing with mobile phones, and applying facial masks are all done in the bed, so choosing the right bed becomes crucial. As an important member of Chinese furniture, the mahogany bed has become the first choice among the "good beds" because of its excellent quality and comfortable and elegant charm. Moreover, the aroma of a variety of mahogany also has a certain health preservation effect, so that people's sleep quality can be guaranteed.

Although the design of the mahogany bed is still an imitation of Ming and Qing furniture, under the influence of modern furniture concepts, this imitation has gradually changed from "likeness" to "likeness". The mahogany bed began to merge with modern design, caring more about experience and comfort. For example, adding soft clothing to the headrest and backrest of the bed gives people a comfortable feeling of wrapping. The correct combination of different patterns and colors of bedding (including sheets, duvet covers, pillows, etc.) and the mahogany bed also adds vitality and beauty to the bedroom space.

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