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The furniture in the Qing Dynasty was diverse in variety and styles. The same product, it will have many style changes. If you put it against the wall, you will feel it is integrated with the room. The furniture in the Qing Dynasty imitated bamboo, rattan, and bronze in form, and ingenious in structure.

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The furniture in the Qing Dynasty paid more attention to decoration, and its decoration methods were carving and inlay. The knife craftsmanship is meticulous, and the technique also draws on the techniques of tooth carving, bamboo carving, and lacquer carving. Use as much material as possible to embed the designed pattern on the surface of the object.

The furniture of the Qing Dynasty was influenced by the Western to a certain extent, but because of its infancy, this kind of furniture was not admired by people. And the style of workmanship is far less beautiful than our unique style. Because of the development of society at that time, the furniture in the Qing Dynasty pursued more splendor and luxury in the later period, mainly to highlight the sense of dignity of the owner.

In terms of skills, the Qing Dynasty furniture's requirements for carvings reached a climax, but on this basis, it also ignored the practicality, which was dizzying. The furniture in the Qing Dynasty generally used gold and colored paintings in the depiction, and the lacquered furniture was painted with gold and colored painting, which was a good way of Qing Dynasty furniture. In addition, there are different methods of painting with gold lacquer, silver lacquer, vermilion lacquer, black lacquer and gold.

Although the furniture of the Qing Dynasty has developed on the furniture of the Ming Dynasty, the furniture of the Qing Dynasty pays more attention to the gorgeousness and luxury than the furniture of the Ming Dynasty. The simplicity and simplicity of the Ming Dynasty furniture it replaces has formed a style with its own characteristics. For example, in terms of work, there are Jingzuo, Guangzuo, and Suzuo, which makes Qing Dynasty furniture completely systematized and stylized.

Therefore, when we collect the furniture of the Qing Dynasty, we must make a careful distinction. Methods such as the use of symbolism, meaning, homophony, and analogy were also commonly used in furniture decoration in the Qing Dynasty, and patterns such as "Pisces Lucky", "Five Fortunes", "Gourd Bandai", and "Fufuyu" are also popular among people. favorite. When we collect it, what we hide is not only its form and craft, but also the charm of the times, which cannot be copied from any period.

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