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Sleep is a non-negligible part of life. A good mattress not only enables you to have a comfortable sleep, but is also great for your own body.

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1. Regularly adjust the direction: After the newly purchased mattress starts to be used, the front and back and the top and bottom flip movements are required every three months for the first year to make each part of the mattress evenly stressed and increase the service life of the mattress;

2. Maintain air circulation: In order to ensure that the inner material of the mattress is not damp and increase the comfort of the mattress, the room where the mattress is used must maintain air circulation;

3. Avoid single-point jumping or fixed-point pressure on the mattress, avoid standing on the mattress, or single-point jump or fixed-point pressure. This will cause uneven stress on the mattress, and avoid sitting for a long time. Edge, and shorten the life span of the mattress;

4. Do not use water to clean the mattress: When liquid is poured and penetrates into the inner layer of the mattress, do not wash it with water. You should immediately squeeze it with a strong hygroscopic rag until it is absorbed, and then use a hair dryer with cold and warm air (hot air is strictly prohibited) Or blow it dry with an electric fan. In addition, do not use dry cleaning fluid to clean the bed surface, which may damage the cloth surface;

5. Do not smoke on the bed or place the mattress near the flame;

6. Use cleaning pad: In order to ensure the hygienic degree of the mattress, cover the cleaning pad before covering the sheets;

7. Matching of upper and lower cushions: Do not put a board between the upper cushion and the lower cushion or put the upper cushion on an old mattress that has been damaged. You can purchase matching lower cushions to extend the life of the new mattress and sleep comfort. , The surface of the mattress is contaminated, and it can be scrubbed with alcohol in time;

8. Careful handling: When handling, place the mattress on an upright surface and do not bend or fold. This will damage the frame of the mattress and cause the mattress to distort.

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