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Regarding the bed itself, it is necessary to consider whether its length and width are sufficient, whether the bed body is flat, and whether it has good support and comfort. As for the height of the bed, it is generally better to be slightly higher than the knees of the sleeping person.

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1.2-meter bed size: The standard size of a 1.2-meter bed is 120 cm * 190 cm, but the size of a 1.2-meter bed will vary according to different situations. Generally, the size of a 1.2-meter bed for children is 120 cm * 180 cm. The size of a larger 1.2 bed is also 120 cm * 200 cm, so the size of a 1.2 m bed is 120 cm wide and the length is between 180 cm and 200 cm.

1.5m bed size: 1.5m bed is generally used as a double bed, 1.5m bed is also a standard double bed size, the common size is 150cm*200cm, the common 1.5m bed on the market is this size, but Some have a length of 190 cm.

1.8-meter bed size: 1.8-meter bed is a large bed, the size is 180 cm * 200 cm, or 180 cm * 205 cm, 180 cm * 210 cm, these three size beds are more common in the market.

2m bed size: 2m bed is relatively rare in the market, because this size bed is too big, it is difficult to accommodate a 2m bed without a large enough bedroom, its size is generally 200cm*200cm, 200cm * 205 cm, 200 cm * 210 cm, relatively rare in the market.


1. When cleaning high-grade pure cotton bedding, there will be different degrees of shrinkage under normal circumstances;

2. In addition, cotton products are easy to wrinkle, have less elasticity, and are resistant to acids and alkalis, so they should not be processed for a long time at a high temperature of 100 or more. It is best to iron the product with a steam iron after each use, and the effect will be better;

3. Neutral detergent should be used instead of bleaching agent. The water temperature should be below 30. After drying, iron it at medium temperature, fold it and store it in a dry place;

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