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The self-adhesive label has the advantages of no brushing, no paste, no dipping in water, no pollution, saving labeling time, etc., with a wide range of applications, convenient and fast. Self-adhesive is a kind of material, also called self-adhesive label material. It is a composite material with paper, film or other special materials as the fabric, adhesive coated on the back, and silicon-coated protective paper as the base paper. And after printing, die-cutting, etc., it becomes a finished label.

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Common self-adhesive label applications are mainly as follows: drug labels, food labels, wine labels, battery labels, outer box labels, shampoo labels, barcode labels, temporary labels for semi-finished products, and so on.

Applications mainly based on paper and film:

It is mainly used for decorative decals on automobiles and motorcycles, logo text on trademark showcases, reflective film on highways, markings on containers, etc.

According to the scope of application, it is divided into basic tags and variable information tags:

Batch number, sequence code, bar code, production date, expiration date, price, mailing process information processing, distribution, warehouse management, inventory data, etc.

There are mainly three parts in the production of materials:

Paper substrates are divided into: offset paper, coated paper, glass cardboard, laser paper, kraft paper, fluorescent paper, gold-plated paper, aluminum foil paper, fragile (anti-counterfeiting) paper, silver-plated paper, textured paper, cloth label (Thailand) Vic/nylon) paper, pearl paper, sandwich coated paper, variable information paper.

Adhesive types: general-purpose super-adhesive type, general-purpose strong-adhesive type, refrigerated food strong-adhesive type, general-purpose re-opening type, fiber re-opening type. On the one hand, it ensures the proper adhesion between the bottom paper and the face paper, and on the other hand, it ensures that the face paper is peeled off, and it can have strong adhesion to the paste.

Release paper is commonly known as "bottom paper". The surface is non-sticky with low surface energy. The bottom paper has an isolation effect on the adhesive, so it is used as an attachment to the top paper to ensure that the top paper can be easily peeled from the bottom paper. Come down. Commonly used are white, blue, yellow glassine or onion, kraft paper, polyester (PET), coated paper, and polyethylene (PE).

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We (Alice) are a professional manufacturer of furniture nameplates, we can produce zinc alloy, aluminum, copper, brass, pvc, etc. And we also produce stickers and labels. The application of self-adhesive labels is particularly extensive. With the improvement of technology, the self-adhesive printing market continues to expand, occupying more than half of the applications of trademarks, stickers, signs, and nameplates.

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