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The self-adhesive sticker is a composite material that uses silicone protective paper as the base material, plus other materials of paper and film as the fabric. Among them, its back is coated with adhesive, which can be affixed anywhere as needed , Such as being pasted on products as a trademark. In recent years, the process of self-adhesive stickers has become more and more advanced, and offset printing methods have also been adopted. If customers have special needs, they can also add other processes as appropriate... In general, the process of processing self-adhesive stickers is not complicated. There are different grades of self-adhesive stickers, and the quality is also different.

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The paper quality of self-adhesive stickers usually includes kraft paper, glass cardboard, fluorescent paper, gold-plated paper, tin foil, etc. The paper quality is mainly divided into paper type and film type. Different paper quality means that its performance is different. For example, paper is mainly used in the care products of the popular daily chemical line, and this kind of paper is also widely used, because there are still most of the daily chemical care products on the market. Another type of paper is film, including coated paper, aluminum foil, laser platinum, etc., which are mainly used for information labels, bar coding, etc. Because the film type of paper is not good for printing, their surface will be Do corona treatment or other treatments before printing.

Self-adhesive stickers generally have several advantages: no need to paste brushes, glue stickers, convenience, time saving, environmental protection and pollution-free, etc., and can be used at any time and place, so to speak, it is an omnipotent The label can be used in places where other stickers cannot be used. In addition, the self-adhesive sticker has another feature that is different from the traditional sticker. It is directly printed and processed, and all the processes are completed at one time, so the self-adhesive sticker The machinery and equipment requirements are very strict.

It is understood that the current application range of self-adhesive stickers is very wide. For example, in the daily chemical industry mentioned above, after investigation and research, 30% of the daily chemical industry uses self-adhesive stickers as labels, and this proportion continues to rise. The trend, because the daily chemical industry is so competitive, and a large part of it depends on the label on the product...there are also the pharmaceutical industry, the electronic product industry, the supermarket logistics industry, etc., because of product needs and labels Closely integrated, I will not give examples one by one here. In short, the use of self-adhesive stickers is extensive.

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We (Alice) are a professional manufacturer of furniture nameplates, we can produce zinc alloy, aluminum, copper, brass, pvc, etc. And we also produce stickers and labels. The application of self-adhesive labels is particularly extensive. With the improvement of technology, the self-adhesive printing market continues to expand, occupying more than half of the applications of trademarks, stickers, signs, and nameplates.

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