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The self-adhesive label sticker can be used as the product manual, so that the printing area on a single label in the past can be increased without changing the volume, and the printing content will be increased, and the product packaging level will also be improved. The glue of the label can be made to be repeatedly uncovered and glued, the glue will not fail, no glue residue, or it can be made into a disposable glue-after the customer opens the label, it cannot be glued again (it can be used to identify whether it has been used) . It is widely used in daily chemicals, electrical appliances, food, cosmetics, and health care products. Our company also has extensive cooperation and services with foreign customers in Japan, Germany, the United States, New Zealand, Australia and so on.

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Use of self-adhesive label stickers:

1. Packaging industry: mark labels, postal parcels, letter packaging, shipping goods labels, envelope address labels.

2. Commodity industry: price labels, product description labels, shelf labels, bar code labels, drug labels.

3. Chemical industry: labeling of paint materials, packaging labeling of gasoline engine oil products, and labeling of various special solvent products.

4. Electronic and electrical labels for the electronic and electrical industry: There are many durable self-adhesive labels affixed to various electrical appliances. These labels have a large unit area and a large number.

5. Logistics labels in the logistics industry: In recent years, the logistics industry is emerging in our country. Modern logistics has an increasing demand for variable-information printing labels, such as storage and transportation labels, luggage labels, and supermarket labels.

6. Pharmaceutical labels used in the pharmaceutical industry: Self-adhesive labels have been increasingly used in pharmaceutical packaging. With the over-the-counter sales of over-the-counter drugs, pharmaceutical manufacturers and consumers pay more attention to pharmaceutical packaging.

7. Other industries: anti-counterfeiting labels, encryption labels, anti-theft labels. To

Classification of self-adhesive labels:

1. Paper-type self-adhesive labels. Mainly used in liquid washing products and popular personal care products; film materials are mainly used in medium and high-end daily chemical products.

2. Film type self-adhesive labels. Commonly used PE, PP, PVC and some other synthetic materials, film materials are mainly white, matte, and transparent.

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We (Alice) are a professional manufacturer of furniture nameplates, we can produce zinc alloy, aluminum, copper, brass, pvc, etc. And we also produce stickers and labels. The application of self-adhesive labels is particularly extensive. With the improvement of technology, the self-adhesive printing market continues to expand, occupying more than half of the applications of trademarks, stickers, signs, and nameplates.