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Different floors have different maintenance methods.

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1. Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring maintenance is much simpler than solid wood flooring. When cleaning the floor, pay attention to keeping the floor dry, do not wash it with a lot of water, and pay attention to avoid partial long-term soaking of the floor.

When cleaning stains, use a neutral detergent to avoid direct sunlight, rain, moisture, etc.

In addition, paying attention to indoor ventilation and maintaining indoor temperature are also conducive to prolonging the life of the floor. Laminate flooring does not require painting and waxing, and unlike solid wood flooring, it should not be polished with sandpaper.

2. Solid wood flooring

Improper installation and use of solid wood flooring will cause quality problems for qualified products.

When the solid wood floor is maintained, pay attention to the dryness and cleanliness of the floor. When laying solid wood floors, if moisture-proof treatment is not done, and the bathroom and the floor of the room are not well isolated, it will affect the life of the floor. But getting wet with water or scrubbing with alkaline water or soapy water will destroy the brightness of the paint.

In summer, I did not pay attention to drawing the curtains, so that the floor in front of the bed would become discolored and cracked after being exposed to the sun. The temperature of the air conditioner is turned on too low, which causes excessive temperature changes during the day and night, causing the floor to expand or contract too sharply, resulting in deformation and cracking of the floor.

During the use of the floor, if individual floors are found to crust or fall off, they should be picked up in time, shoveled off the old glue and dust, and coated with new glue for compaction. Waxing once a month is also the best maintenance method, but wipe off moisture and stains before waxing.

3. Parquet

The maintenance of solid wood composite flooring is simpler than that of solid wood flooring. Keep the floor dry and clean, do not mop the floor with a dripping mop, and do not mop the floor with alkaline water or soapy water, which can effectively protect the floor.

If the air in the home is dry, the mop can be wetted or put a basin of water on the heater, or a humidifier can be used for humidification. Try to avoid sun exposure, so as to prevent the surface paint from aging and cracking in advance under ultraviolet radiation for a long time. Inadvertently stained and stained parts of the board surface should be removed in time. If there is oily dirt, use a cloth dipped in warm water and a small amount of detergent to scrub. If it is medicine or paint, it must be removed before the stain can penetrate into the wood surface.

Try to avoid prolonged contact with water, especially hot water. Once hot water is spilled on the floor, wipe it dry in time. It is best to wax every three months. Clean up the stains on the floor surface before waxing. Frequent waxing can maintain the smoothness of the floor and prolong the service life of the floor. Avoid sharp objects scratching the ground, do not place too hot objects on the floor, and try to avoid dragging heavy furniture.

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