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Teak furniture needs careful care and is the most important decoration of a family, so it must be regarded as a part of family members. Judging from the current market, people buy teak furniture not only because of its luxurious appearance, but also because of its high collection value.

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Teak furniture is a high-end furniture. Because of its exquisite materials, high value, and great room for appreciation, there are some points to pay attention to when using teak furniture.

1. Temperature and humidity environment: The temperature is 18-24 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity is 35%-40%. It is the most ideal environment for solid wood furniture. Please avoid placing the furniture close to the heat source or the air outlet of the air conditioner. The drastic change in temperature will cause damage to the exposed part of the furniture.

2. Sunlight exposure: Do not expose the furniture to direct sunlight for a long time. When the furniture is continuously exposed, ultraviolet rays will cause fine cracks on the coating surface or cause fading or blackening. We recommend moving the furniture away from direct sunlight, or installing curtains to moderately block the light. Please note that some woods will naturally darken in color with time. Such changes are not a quality defect.

3. Daily protection and cleaning: Please avoid laying plastic tablecloths or mats on the surface of solid wood furniture for a long time, because the chemical composition in the plastic will damage its coating. When placing computer equipment, phones, lamps or other items, please use flannel to stick them on the bottom, because the plastic, rubber or nylon at the bottom of these items will penetrate and soften the coating, causing the surface of the furniture to dent And fade. If the furniture has been damaged, please contact the furniture repair line.

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