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As long as the old elm furniture is well protected, it can be used for a long time without fading and corrosion, and the feel and feel will not be worse than that of ash and begonia. On the contrary, the price is very advantageous. Therefore, the old elm Wooden furniture is a very good decoration material.

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Now the solid wood furniture on the market is still dominated by old elm furniture, because the old elm wood is very hard, the color of the heart and sapwood, the processing is good, the material is good, etc., the old elm furniture produced is clear, the surface is smooth, and the price It is also very cheap and suitable for mass consumption. Therefore, old elm furniture has become the first choice for many families. So, after decorating the old elm furniture, how to maintain it?

If you want to better maintain old elm furniture, you must first understand some of the physical characteristics of old elm wood. Old elm wood furniture has relatively high requirements for temperature and humidity. It cannot be placed in a place with a large temperature difference. The temperature and humidity should be appropriate. . Some households may have installed floor heating, and you must pay attention at this time. The temperature must be controlled, and the temperature must not rise too fast. This will cause great damage to the old elm. The second is to stay away from high-humidity environment. Old elm wood is very hygroscopic. If it absorbs too much water, it will cause furniture corrosion, fading, paint aging and deformation. Usually, if it absorbs a lot of water, take it out to dry at this time, or it can easily mold off the paint. Every time we wipe the old elm furniture with a wet towel, we must use a dry towel to soak up the water, otherwise the water will penetrate in, so we must pay special attention when using it.

Old elm furniture is generally placed in a slightly dry place, but cannot be placed next to a living road, radiator or gas. It is easy to corrode the paint. If it is placed in a bungalow, it is best to use bricks or wooden boards to raise it. , So as to avoid corrosion; at the same time, avoid sunlight. If it is exposed to sunlight for a long time, it will cause dry cracking, fading, paint peeling, etc. from time to time. This is also the shortcoming of old elm furniture.

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