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A good craftsmanship requires other accessories to be more perfect. The same is true, a good house also needs good furniture to match it to be more beautiful.

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There are many types of furniture now. The classification of furniture can be from style, material and so on. Today, our China Solid Wood Furniture Industry Network mainly explains the maintenance of the three mainstream furniture categories, leather furniture, solid wood furniture, and rattan furniture. We hope to make everyone's home life easier and more beautiful in the future.

The most important point in the maintenance of leather furniture is to dry and prevent moisture. We generally use mink oil, lanolin oil, leather oil and other professional furniture maintenance products to wipe the leather surface after dust removal. The mildew on the surface of the furniture can be cleaned up with a mildew remover and then coated with leather maintenance oil.

The price of solid wood furniture is generally relatively high, so the maintenance of solid wood furniture is a household problem that cannot be underestimated. We can wipe the surface of the furniture with a better wooden furniture cleaner. The surface of the furniture after wiping will form a layer of maintenance film, which can prevent the moisture in the air from entering the interior of the furniture, which has a good furniture maintenance effect. In addition, sticking paper or plastic paper stickers with good water absorption on the surface of solid wood furniture can also play a good moisture-proof effect.

When rattan furniture is damp, try to keep the shape of the furniture itself and its gaps unchanged, so that the furniture can be shortened to the original scale. In addition, when purchasing rattan furniture, it is best to buy high-quality furniture that has a stable structure and has been disinfected against mildew. This kind of furniture not only has a smooth surface, but also has better moisture and moth resistance.

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