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Solid wood customization is more and more highly respected and loved by high-end consumer groups. Customized products range from solid wood cabinets, solid wood wardrobes, solid wood cloakrooms to solid wood bookcases, solid wood wine cabinets, solid wood wall panels, solid wood wine cellars and other whole-house furniture products, consumers You can choose the corresponding wood to customize according to your own preferences and consumption ability, and fully enjoy the natural and authentic enjoyment brought by solid wood!

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The wood used in solid wood cabinets generally includes rosewood, black walnut, red cherry, red oak, white walnut, maple, red birch and other wood species. High-end cabinets use Brazilian rosewood, American red cherry, American red oak, etc. Mainly high-grade wood, fine and stable material, it is the first choice for manufacturing high-grade solid wood cabinet door panels.

1. American Red Birch

The density is too small; the brown holes are fine and shallow, so it can only be used as a sealing paint; the texture is not obvious, and the clear water color is suitable for light colors and suitable for bottom repair; the color difference of the substrate is small; the stability is good, and it is not easy to deform. Many merchants call it South American cherry wood, which is one of the better door panel materials, suitable for cabinet door panels, wardrobe door panels, etc.

2. American Ash

Medium density; brown holes are thicker and darker, suitable for open paint; obvious texture, suitable for white antique and gold-finished products; substrate color difference is small, can replace oak to make clear water light-colored products; good stability, not easy to deform.

3. American Red Oak

The density is larger, the brown holes are thicker and deeper, suitable for open paint; the texture is obvious, there are many mountain grains, and the diagonal texture is more, suitable for clear water bottom polishing products; not suitable for clear water light-colored products; American red oak material is harder, It is easy to shape and engrave. It is a good choice to make cabinet door panels, wardrobe door panels, wall panels and solid wood door panels. It is also suitable for retro style. Oak has better waterproof performance and is more common in beer barrels abroad. In the domestic market, it is also a brand of solid wood cabinets or solid wood wardrobes, which are the main materials for customization.

4. American Red Cherry

Medium density; brown holes are fine and light, and can only be used as a closed paint, and can be used as a base paint; the texture is more obvious, and the clear water color can be dark; the color difference of the substrate is small; the stability is better, the American red oak material is fine and the texture It can be cut evenly and can be shaped and engraved. It is the material of choice for high-end furniture.

5. Brazilian rosewood

It has high hardness and pleasing color. It is different from the rosewood produced in Southeast Asia. The Brazilian rosewood has less tiger skin texture and is delicate and easy to engrave. It is a high-grade and precious wood. Its market price is also increasing year by year, becoming the new favorite of value-preserving and value-added furniture materials.

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