The four styles of solid wood armchairs recognized as the most beautiful furniture in the world-Alice factory


The armchair is a chair with unique characteristics of the Chinese nation, and it is also recognized as the most beautiful furniture in the world.

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Advocating simple style, no decoration, pay attention to the beauty of the material, adequate use of the wood itself and texture without covering, and the application of the material beauty unique to the material texture to show the furniture wood itself and the natural and simple characteristics.


Pay attention to the change of the line type, resulting in the contrast between the straight line and the curve, the contrast between the square and the circle, the contrast between the horizontal and the straight, and it has a strong form of beauty. He is good at being graceful and elegant, and wins with refined stingy.


Singing is the icing on the cake, precise and correct, careful calculation, and great attention to the beauty of the structure. The tenon and tenon structure is applied, and there are many kinds of tenon, which can be adapted to various structures, which not only meets the functional requirements and mechanical structure, but also makes it stable, elegant and durable.


Pay attention to the artistic beauty, the beautiful posture, the refined appearance, and the uncomfortable and cumbersome. Pay attention to the resolution of the surface and apply the traditional Chinese construction of the frame structure. The outer shape of the square foot is like a column, and the crosspiece is like a beam. The changes are appropriate, resulting in the frame-oriented and appearance-oriented characteristics, which makes the Ming-style armchair possess The appearance is simple and dragging, vigorous and strong, soft and beautiful in craftsmanship.

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