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Now on the market, the applications of wooden packaging boxes are mainly electronic products, power industry, automobile manufacturing, communication equipment, glass products, furniture and home appliances, handicrafts, fragile items, antique calligraphy and painting, transportation, storage, and various machinery and equipment.

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1. The characteristics of the wooden box: beautiful appearance, strong and durable, both domestic and export can be used, and the size can be produced according to customer requirements.

2. Wooden box: suitable for domestic or export packaging of various goods and products, economical.

3. Sliding wooden box: suitable for packaging and transportation of large machinery, electromechanical products or heavy equipment and production lines.

4. Grate box: suitable for domestic transportation and packaging of large plastic parts, cloth or automobile glass.

5. Hoarding box: It is a new type of packaging that can be reused repeatedly. It is suitable for packaging irregular products such as fasteners, metal balls, stamping parts, and is the best choice for product packaging exported to Europe.

6. Plywood box: suitable for the packaging and transportation of general commodities, the total mass of a single box is generally recommended to not exceed 2 tons.

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