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Now on the market, wooden packaging boxes are mainly used in gift packaging, wine packaging, jewelry packaging, jewelry packaging, tea packaging, moon cake packaging, book packaging, essential oil packaging, etc., and they are also widely used in painting and calligraphy collection packaging.

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1. The wooden packaging box is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and pure and natural!

3. Wooden box packaging has many styles in form design, such as square, triangle, diamond, round or irregular shape, etc., giving people a novel and unique appearance while being magnificent and beautiful.

4. The wooden box combines tradition and modernity in craftsmanship, or the surface of the wooden box is carefully polished, polished, painted, and equipped with advanced carving, bronzing, silk screen and other modern technologies, and the unique LOGO is printed to make it more Artistic!

7. Due to the special material and craftsmanship, the wooden box has ancient Chinese cultural elements, which can highlight the connotation and cultural heritage of gifts.

8. The wooden box is not only beautiful and unique, but also durable and can be transported over long distances.

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Alice's signs are flat in workmanship and strong in three-dimensionality. They are a common surface treatment process and have a wide range of applications. For example, signs can be used in audio, household appliances, refrigerators, computers, security products, and packaging boxes.

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