What to do if the solid wood furniture is deformed and cracked? 6 maintenance tips to keep the furniture from being dama


If the home is expensive mahogany furniture, with the cracking of the "pop", the heart is broken... Then, is there any way to prevent the problem of deformation and cracking of solid wood furniture in summer?

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1. Anti-glare exposure

First of all, everyone should know the most basic common sense of thermal expansion and contraction, that is, to place solid wood furniture in strong light for a long time. Excessive light will bring too high temperature, which will cause the moisture in the wood to evaporate, temperature and humidity. Under abrupt changes, problems such as tightening and deformation of the tenon and tenon joints and cracking of the plate are prone to occur.

Therefore, in summer, you should try to keep the furniture away from direct sunlight. If necessary, you can use curtains or drapes to cover it!

2. Pay attention to humidity

We have also said above that temperature and humidity are the basic reasons that affect wood, so in addition to paying attention to temperature, it is necessary to carry out a simple control of the ambient temperature according to the summer climate in the north and south.

For example, if the summer is hot in the north, you can use a humidifier (far away), or grow a few pots of hydroponic plants to increase the air humidity; while the south is humid in the summer, you can use a dehumidifier, air conditioner (don’t face the air outlet), or some A simple drying pack keeps the wood dry and avoids decay and mold.

3. Clean regularly

Regular cleaning is the most important point of maintenance, but it is best not to wipe with a wet cloth when wiping, especially old mahogany furniture. It is recommended to use a feather duster to dust off in order to achieve the best cleaning effect.

And there is another advantage of regular cleaning, which is to find out those corrosive dirt and garbage in time and clean them out in time to avoid greater damage to the solid wood furniture over time.

4. Pay more attention when using

In summer, there may be more clothes and other things to be stored in some solid wood cabinets. Everyone should pay attention to avoid excessive deformation of the laminates, especially when the tops of many cabinets are relatively thin, and put as little as possible on them.

At the same time, try not to directly heat up cups, hot plates, etc., to avoid scalding the surface of the wood, which will affect the aesthetics and at the same time affect the protective effect of the wood wax.

5. Don't wax too frequently

In the summer, some friends think that more wax on solid wood furniture can prevent moisture and water resistance, but in the end it is counterproductive. In fact, the wooden surface also has fine holes. If it is waxed too much, it will block it and affect the air permeability of the wood itself.

It is recommended that everyone is waxed for about a year or half a year. Remember to clean it up before waxing!

6. Don't fix it at will

The repair of solid wood furniture is a test of craftsmanship, especially the more expensive solid wood furniture. You must find a reliable master to repair. Some cracks are too deep, and it is difficult to repair as new with glue or other methods. When the tide returns, the damage will increase, so pay attention to this too!

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