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Nowadays, there are many kinds of furniture on the market, but natural and environmentally friendly solid wood furniture still dominates. So, how can we buy high-quality solid wood furniture?

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The following types of wood are commonly used in solid wood furniture: elm, with straight wood grain, clear pattern, good elasticity, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, moderate wood hardness, easy to dry, not easy to deform and crack; Catalpa, grows in cold areas, has a strong structure Dense, is a precious and high-quality furniture material; teak, known as the "king of wood", grapefruit wood is shiny, uniform in color, clear grain, waterproof, fire-resistant, and extremely corrosion-resistant; walnut wood is widely used Furniture manufacturing, the board edge is white, the heartwood is light brown; camphor wood, thick, hard, with a strong camphor fragrance, not deformed, insect-proof and anti-corrosion; cypress wood, with a strong luster and fragrance, has anti-smoke, anti-moisture, strong, Durable characteristics; chicken wing wood, low yield, unique wood texture; nanmu, China's unique precious wood, durable, excellent corrosion resistance, has a special fragrance, can prevent insects; rosewood, roughly can be divided into black acid There are three kinds of branches, red rosewood and white rosewood; red sandalwood has a dense and hard texture and a purple-black color.

Determine the material? The best way to determine the solid wood furniture is to look at its wood grain and scars, and to determine whether the wood is consistent with the label. First look at the wood grain. For example, the door of a cabinet looks like a pattern on the surface. Look at the corresponding pattern on the back of the door. If the correspondence is good, it proves to be a pure solid wood cabinet door. Look at the scar again, look at the location of the side with the scar, and then look for the corresponding pattern on the other side.

Identify the quality? See if the wood is dry, white, with clear texture, tight and fine texture.

Check the components? Carefully check the furniture component joints, whether there is a screw cap tightened. Have you done any edge-sealing treatments that do not leak or penetrate the nails?

Look at the place of origin? The most important thing is to see whether the moisture content of the furniture is consistent with the average moisture content of the area in which it is used.

Contact surface? Check whether the polished surface is smooth and see if there are any protrusions that can break clothes.

Is it safe and reliable? Lightly press each stress point of the furniture, such as column corners, drawers, etc., to check whether it is firm. Press hard on the surface of the furniture without feeling empty or false.

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