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More and more people like solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture is a kind of "squeaky" furniture, so when we choose solid wood furniture, we try to choose solid wood furniture brands of big brands to buy.

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1. The tenon-and-mortise structure is extremely important for solid wood furniture. Once it becomes loose or falls off, the solid wood furniture cannot be used anymore. Therefore, always pay attention to check whether there are parts falling off, degumming, tenon breaks, and loose mortises at these joints. If the screw and other parts fall off, you can clean the screw hole first, then fill the hole with a thin wooden strip, and finally reinstall the screw. If the tenon breaks, you need to ask professional maintenance personnel to deal with it.

2. In winter, indoor humidity is higher than outdoors. Therefore, opening windows for ventilation in winter will only allow cold air from outside to come in and make the room drier. Therefore, it is recommended that families with a lot of solid wood furniture should reduce the time and frequency of opening windows for ventilation in winter to maintain suitable indoor humidity. At the same time, note that solid wood furniture should not be placed in vents.

3. In winter, the weather is cold and the ground is freezing. In order to keep warm, each family will prepare their own heater. Sometimes, in order to get closer to the heat source, the heater is unknowingly pulled next to the solid wood furniture. As everyone knows, these furniture are afraid of high temperature, and long-term high-temperature baking can easily cause the wood to lose moisture, cause partial cracking, deformation, and deterioration of the paint film. It is best to place solid wood furniture at least 1 meter away from the heater.

4. The heat resistance of solid wood furniture is generally poor, so keep it away from heat sources as much as possible when using it. Under normal circumstances, try to avoid direct sunlight, because strong ultraviolet rays will cause the paint surface of solid wood furniture to fade; in addition, heating and lamps that can emit strong heat will also deform solid wood furniture, and should be kept away as much as possible; furthermore, do not usually Put hot water cups, teapots and other things directly on the solid wood furniture, otherwise it will burn the solid wood furniture.

5. Although solid wood furniture is durable, its paint surface is easy to fade. For this reason, furniture must be waxed frequently. You can first use a damp cloth dipped in some neutral detergent to gently wipe the surface of the furniture. When wiping, follow the texture of the wood. After cleaning, use a dry cloth or sponge dipped in professional wood wax to wipe. Waxing should take the center as the origin, first around the sides and then in the middle. However, it is best not to wax too frequently, preferably 1-2 times a year.

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