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Furniture types and styles. Nowadays, people do not like complicated decoration furniture very much. They prefer simple styles. Among the many decoration furniture, solid wood furniture is loved by more people.

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Tips for decorating solid wood furniture

1. Start with lights and quiet backgrounds. Use curtains, sofa covers, and disposable chairs to add color according to your preferences. This method is easy, cheap, and easy to change. Pay attention to the use of colors not too mixed, after all, solid wood furniture is more stable.

2. Avoid messy. Combining your favorite tea sets etc. together is much better than messing around. Because the house is too messy and not very good, it is better to be clean and comfortable.

3. Move flexibly. Furniture with casters can be moved to any place you need, but the wheels must be fixed to avoid danger, but furniture with casters will be easy to move and also make cleaning easy.

4. Turn on the lights! Start in the dark to find a place for the soft lights that create a comfortable night, and then add bright lights for reading, cleaning and other purposes. Equipped with a dimmer switch, the bright light becomes comfortable.

5. Give each thing its own space, including many very important things (such as the shoes you collect), throw away the things you don’t like and don’t use to save space and make the room look neat and tidy, and place the things you need. .

6. Worried about the stains on your sofa? Choose a sofa cover that can be replaced and cleaned. You can easily replace it when you want a different appearance. When using the sofa, you must pay attention to keeping the sofa as hygienic as possible.

7. Let the children join in, they want to be with you. And the things they need can be easily obtained, so they can help you with housework and groceries.

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