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When buying furniture, many friends don’t know which material to buy. In fact, solid wood furniture is very good. Therefore, we need to understand specifically how to buy solid wood furniture. Only after a clear understanding can we buy solid wood furniture of better quality.

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1. Identify tree species

This is an element that directly affects quotation and quality.

Generally, solid wood furniture generally chooses beech, white oak, ash, elm, catalpa, rubber wood, oak wood, and precious mahogany furniture mainly chooses rosewood, wenge, and red sandalwood.

The shopping malls of solid wood furniture are chaotic, and shoddy and mixed tree species often appear.

2. Verify solid wood

One of the secrets of judging whether it is solid wood furniture is: wood grain and knots.

For example, the appearance of a cabinet door looks like a pattern, then corresponding to the changing position of this pattern, look at the corresponding pattern on the reverse side of the door. If it corresponds well, it is a pure solid wood cabinet door.

3. Pay attention to the quotation

The quotation is relatively low, don’t buy simply outside the quotation. Let’s not talk about anything else. The bargaining is so simple. If you think about it carefully, there must be doubts. Some furniture is cheap outside the quoted price. Sometimes the bargaining can even reach thousands of dollars. Low-priced materials are often made of gold and jade. Consumers must be careful about these seemingly cheap materials.

4. Pay attention to the material

Furniture made of wood-based panels should not be bought if all the edges have not been sealed. All the furniture components made of wood-based panels have strict restrictions on the edge sealing process. Especially furniture made of particleboard should request all the edges to be sealed, so that the release of harmful substances in the wood-based panels can be restrained, but now many In order to save information, manufacturers only partially seal the edges. Do not purchase such furniture.

5. Find loopholes

Nowadays, low-grade miscellaneous wood furniture has a higher level of skinning, and the skinning is becoming more and more realistic. It is difficult for consumers to distinguish for a while. Use low-density board and particle board as the "core", and then use precious wood veneer on the outside, and then mark the price of solid wood furniture. Generally, the laminations on mahogany furniture will not be fully lamination. Generally, the large sides and wipers are made of real materials, and the linear and complex parts are real materials. Generally, the lamination will be used on the face core board, and the front and back sides are double-sided. They must be pasted, but the pattern of wood cannot be exactly the same on both sides.

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