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Nowadays, people have extremely high requirements for the quality of life, and solid wood furniture is the main choice when choosing furniture.

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1. Zelkova

Beech wood, also known as zelkova, is produced in southern my country. In ancient times, there was the saying of "Northern elm and southern beech". Bei elm means that northern furniture uses elm as the main material, while southern furniture uses beech as raw material. Therefore, both elm and beech are good materials for making furniture. Can be used as a bed, table, cabinet, etc. In addition, beech wood can also be used as a decorative board.

2. Pine

With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, pine wood furniture has gradually increased, among which pine wood furniture accounts for a larger proportion, especially children's furniture, which uses pine wood more. There are two main types of pine furniture, one is Masson pine and the other is Pinus sylvestris, which are important raw materials for man-made fiber decorative panels. The shortcomings of masson pine are serious cracking after drying, the coating will not stick, and the performance is poor.

3. Elm

The elm wood is wide, mild in texture, small in deformation rate, tough and hard, suitable for carving and planing. It is called "wenge wood" and is suitable for furniture and decoration. Wooden furniture, with elm as the background color, is unique. And the price-performance ratio of elm wood is very high, a Chinese style all elm wood antique dining table, the price is generally about three thousand to four thousand yuan.

4. Willow

The decorative object with the largest application ratio is Fraxinus mandshurica. The use of this decorative object is inseparable from its characteristics. It belongs to the wood of the meliloaceae family and is mainly produced in Northeast my country, North China, Russia and other places. The biggest advantage of this decorative object is Grain, as a decoration or furniture, varnish or white can reflect its beauty to the greatest extent. It is suitable for various modern occasions. Fraxinus mandshurica is also a cheap decoration.

5. Camphor tree

Its biggest feature is that it is rich in strong fragrance, which can repel insects, mothproof, mildewproof and insectproof. The camphor tree has a wide diameter and a beautiful shape. The wood is dense, with natural luster, tough texture, not easy to break, and not easy to polish. Mainly used in the production of furniture back panels, drawer panels, especially suitcases, bookcases, cabinets, etc.

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