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Nowadays, people have extremely high requirements for the quality of life, and solid wood furniture is the main choice when choosing furniture.

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1. Furniture gloss

The first step in judging the quality of furniture is to look at its color. First look at the wood grain, such as the cabinet door, the surface is a color, and then according to the change position of the color, observe the corresponding color behind the cabinet door, for example, the corresponding color is very beautiful, indicating that the cabinet door is colored, and then check again , See if there is a scar on one side, and then look for the corresponding small spot on the other side.

2. Quality Appraisal

It also depends on whether the wood is dry, white, dense, and fine. If you want to open the door or drawer to smell the pungent smell, you can use particleboard, density board, one-time forming board, etc. to make furniture. Under normal circumstances, the smell of wooden furniture will not be unpleasant.

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