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Nowadays, people have extremely high requirements for the quality of life, and solid wood furniture is the main choice when choosing furniture.

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The color matching of solid wood furniture:

1. Spade and walnut furniture

Black walnut is definitely a panacea. In addition, black walnut also has good high temperature resistance, good heat preservation performance, and is not easy to deform. And the material is tough, easy to process, and can be embedded in shapes that other woods cannot bear. First of all, the mountain-shaped grain is clear. Black walnut is different from other single wood grains. The mountain-shaped grain is naturally natural, while the black walnut is darker. This is a natural ink painting. Black walnut works best with the new Chinese style.

2. White oak matches with Japanese style

Different from the black walnut style, the fresh wood color is very beautiful, which can be said to be Japanese style. This is oak! White eraser and red eraser. Compared with red oak, white oak has a slightly lighter color, ranging from light brown to dark brown, with exquisite mountain-shaped patterns, with ice pattern roads in the middle, no dark color, and very beautiful. At the same time, white oak trees are dense, hard and soft. White oak furniture varies in size and can be placed arbitrarily. It is a good neutral material. However, white oak is not heat-resistant, so it should be kept away from high temperatures during normal use. In the market, inferior merchants often use ordinary oak and oak wood to pretend to be white oak, which is dazzling. White is suitable for making high-end furniture, and the price of wood is relatively high. High-quality wood is about 6000-8000 yuan per square meter. Steady, exquisite and supple oak furniture, exquisite, supple, no loss of black walnut, furniture made of it is also unique. In addition, due to its unique physical characteristics, the furniture is not prone to insects after processing. It has a warm red feeling and a noble decorative effect, which is very suitable for American or modern styles.

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