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People nowadays have extremely high requirements for the quality of life. When choosing furniture, solid wood furniture is the main choice. So what are the reasons why people choose solid wood furniture?

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Reasons why people choose solid wood furniture:

Nowadays, more and more people will choose wooden furniture. Wooden furniture materials are natural, environmentally friendly, and non-polluting. This healthy wood color has natural and environmentally friendly colors, giving people a comfortable and fresh feeling. . However, solid wood furniture is not only expensive, but also deep. For fear of buying fakes, it is hard to buy them back. The matching is also very annoying. Solid wood furniture does not have the danger of formaldehyde, and ordinary artificial furniture has a heavy peculiar smell, which feels very environmentally unfriendly. The style of wooden furniture is natural, and the raw materials are relatively environmentally friendly. If you pay more attention to family environmental protection, it is recommended to buy wooden furniture. In addition, the high degree of visual convergence of wooden furniture will weaken the spatial hierarchy. Therefore, if you use a lot of wood elements in your home, you can appropriately add metal, stone and other materials as decorations, or use other colors to make it. It can highlight the depth of space and make the whole house look more layered. For example, the sapphire is gentle and the wooden house is simple and simple, the two are soft and the other strong, creating a dynamic and quiet, full of vitality space; the small ornaments are made of gold and matched with the wooden house to show the modern style.

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