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Japan is a relatively independent region and a relatively independent clan. They are different from other countries and regions in many aspects, such as electronics, automobiles, and decoration. When it comes to decoration, I have to mention Japanese decoration, which is a relatively unique style.

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Japanese style decoration matching method:

1. Raw wood furniture: Adhering to the original form of Japanese traditional aesthetics, it is precisely polished to show the unique texture of the material-this filtered space effect has a calm and smooth visual surface, but it affects people's feelings. Emotions, exposed concrete surfaces, wood textures, metal panels or finishes intact, deliberately show the true colors of the materials, so that the potential nostalgia, nostalgia, and return to nature emotions of the people in the city are compensated.

2. Sliding grille: The Japanese design style is directly influenced by Japanese Japanese architecture, and the flow is one room. The flow and separation of the space are emphasized. The separation is divided into several functional spaces. The space always allows people to think quietly. Zen is endless.

3. Traditional Japanese-style, tea table: Traditional Japanese-style furniture, with its unique taste of freshness, naturalness, simplicity and elegance, and the leisurely, freehand, relaxed and contented living realm created by the home environment, may be what we are after. Formed a unique style of furniture, for us living in the urban forest,

4. Beige + white color matching furniture emphasizes the calmness of natural colors and the simplicity of modeling lines. The doors and windows of the Japanese rooms are mostly simple and light, and the furniture is low and not much. The new style Japanese-style home is mainly simple. Day gives people a spacious and bright feeling.

5. Mix and match the cushions of Japanese style fabrics, simple style: Antique Japanese style fabrics add ethnic flavor to the modern and simple living room space. The Japanese-style floral art in the style of "Kue Shanshui" matches the minimalist style very harmoniously.

What are the advantages of Japanese decoration style? From the above, it can be seen that there are still many characteristics of Japanese decoration. This is also the reason why many friends accept and like it. It is precisely because of the difference in Japanese decoration that it also creates its different charm. Of course, the understanding of Japanese-style decoration and matching methods has strengthened the hearts of those who want to learn and master Japanese-style decoration.

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