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Japan is a relatively independent region and a relatively independent clan. They are different from other countries and regions in many aspects, such as electronics, automobiles, and decoration. When it comes to decoration, I have to mention Japanese decoration, which is a relatively unique style.

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  1. Advantages of Japanese decoration style:

  2. 1.Japanese decoration prefers elegant wallpapers with modern and floral patterns. Because Japanese furniture has a fusion of design, it is not suitable for matching with overly complicated European-style retro-style wallpapers. It is in harmony with the soft white furniture.

2. In the space layout, the Japanese style reflects the Japanese tendency, and the space decoration mostly adopts simple and tough straight lines, reflecting the living requirements of modern people's pursuit of a simple life, and catering to the introverted and simple design style of Japanese home furnishings. Pay attention to the layering of the space, and use screens or wooden partitions as the partition size according to the number of residents and the degree of privacy in the residence.

3. Japanese decoration likes to use stone and a lot of wood decorations, and the design of the bedroom is more warm. Generally, the floor adopts cork flooring without ceiling lights. It is decorated with warm and soft sets of fabrics. The floor also prefers antique floor tiles. Craftsmanship is also pursued, and I like the style of the living room with a sense of history.

At the same time, it is very uniform in soft decoration and color. The kitchen is generally open, and it needs to have a spacious space to accommodate a double-door refrigerator and enough worktops.

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