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Its output power should not be less than 300W, and some processors also require a 400W power supply. Usually, the host itself (after installing the software) is a computer system that can run independently, and a computer with a special purpose such as a server usually has only the host and no other peripherals.

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For learning computers:

1. Computer classroom/electronic classroom

For an electronic classroom with 40 student application environments in a school, only 8 PCs are needed, and 4 sets of mini-computers can be used on each host to increase to 5 users, and the 8 hosts are connected through a local area network.

In this way, 8 hosts, 8 sets of Windows operating systems, 8 sets of Office software, and 8 points of network connection can satisfy 40 users simultaneously and independently using computers. The cost is greatly reduced.

2. Library or reading room

Using mini-computers, from the original purchase of 20 complete PCs for reading, inquiries or Internet, it is reduced to only 4 sets of mini-computers, and the overall investment is saved by 50%.

3. Teachers prepare lessons

With the continuous improvement of computer informatization, not only students need to use computers, but teachers also need to use computers for lesson preparation, learning, teaching, communication and other activities. Using mini computers, 3-5 teachers share a PC host for office work. Greatly save school investment.

4. Student dormitory

Student dormitory 4-6 people can use the 1 to 3 or 1 to 4 plan, which allows students to complete homework and surf the Internet in the dormitory, with low investment and high efficiency. The problem of return on investment can be solved by charging monthly rental fees.

5. Computer Training Center

The most important investment in the preparation of a computer training center is the investment in computer hardware. It is the best solution to use multiple mini-computers to solve the above problems in order to achieve one computer per student and to save costs.

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