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Depending on the specific configuration of the computer, the power of a computer is roughly between 230W and 300W.

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1. The CPU is the heart of the computer, and the maximum power of the mainstream CPU is about 100W. The CPU we use is mostly waiting for tasks and rarely runs at full capacity. The utilization rate of the CPU is generally around 20-30%, so in general, the CPU may work at less than 50W. Dual-core is about 65W.

2. The graphics card is the graphics processing center of the computer. Because different groups have different requirements for the graphics card, the power consumption of the graphics card is also very different. From the integrated graphics card with more than 10W to the high-end mainstream graphics card with more than 70W. is widely used. The power of the hard disk is not large. The current maximum power of ST hard disk is 22.5W, while that of notebook is only about 8W.

3. The power consumption of the motherboard itself is not large, and the power range is between 20-35W. The power consumption of the optical drive is generally about 10W, and the power of the burner when writing to the disc is also more than a dozen W. The power consumption of the three hardware of memory, network card, and sound card is very low. Due to the lack of specific data, the total power consumption of the three will not exceed 40W.

4. The power supply is the most critical equipment required for the operation of the computer, and the power consumption itself is estimated to be 5W. CRT displays are around 70, 80W, and the power consumption of liquid crystal displays is below 40W. The power of computer speakers and other peripherals can be calculated as 30W, and printers and scanners are also dozens of high when they are working.

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