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The host bit is the number of bits occupied by the host in the IP address.

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The host bit is the number of bits occupied by the host in the IP address.

Subnet mask (subnet mask) is also called network mask, address mask, and subnet mask. It is used to indicate which bits of an IP address identify the subnet where the host is located, and which bits identify Is the bit mask of the host. The subnet mask cannot exist alone, it must be used in conjunction with the IP address. The subnet mask has only one function, which is to divide an IP address into two parts, the network address and the host address.

Rules: The setting of the subnet mask must follow certain rules. Same as the binary IP address, the subnet mask is composed of 1 and 0, and 1 and 0 are consecutive respectively. The length of the subnet mask is also 32 bits, the left side is the network bit, which is represented by the binary number "1", the number of 1 is equal to the length of the network bit; the right is the host bit, which is represented by the binary number "0", and the number of 0 is equal to the host The length of the bit. The purpose of this is to make the mask and the ip address do the bitwise AND operation with 0 to cover the original host number, without changing the original network segment number, and it is easy to determine the number of hosts in the subnet through the number of 0 digits (2 The host number is -2, because when the host number is all 1, it means the network broadcast address, and when it is all 0, it means the network number of the network. These are two special addresses). Only through the subnet mask can the relationship between the subnet of a host and other subnets be shown and the network can work normally.

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