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The role of the host is to help some of the equipment running on the computer so that the computer can be used normally.

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The host refers to the main body part of the computer except the input and output devices. It is also a control box (container Mainframe) used to place the motherboard and other main components. Usually include CPU, memory, hard disk, optical drive, power supply, and other input and output controllers and interfaces.

In network technology, it is about terminal equipment that sends and receives information.

The so-called virtual host, also called "web space", is to divide a server running on the Internet into multiple "virtual" servers. Each virtual host has an independent domain name and a complete Internet server (supports World Wide Web, FTP) , E-mail, etc.) function. Different virtual hosts on a server are independent and managed by users. However, a server host can only support a certain number of virtual hosts. When this number is exceeded, users will experience a sharp drop in performance.

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