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Nowadays, many qualified families have purchased home computers. In the face of such expensive high-tech products, how can they extend their service life?

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Relevant experts suggest that attention should be paid to the following aspects:

The high-temperature-proof home computer has been used continuously for too long, the temperature inside the machine rises, and the heat is difficult to dissipate, which will cause the aging of semiconductor materials and the short circuit of the circuit. Therefore, the use time should not exceed 4 hours. If you have to use it for more than 4 hours, you can shut down and rest for a while to let the computer cool down. In order to prevent the computer from overheating, do not expose it to direct sunlight, let alone close to heat sources such as heaters, electric stoves, and air conditioners. Generally speaking, the ambient temperature of a home computer is 16°C~26°C.

Excessive humidity in the anti-humidity room will cause condensation on the surface of the machine, causing corrosion and mold on the solder joints of the components in the machine, resulting in an open circuit or short circuit. Disks will also be moldy due to unsuitable humidity, which will destroy the stored information. At the same time, the use of moldy disks can cause damage to the drive. Therefore, in mild rain and rainy days, it should be energized and heated frequently to get rid of the moisture inside the computer.

Anti-low temperature home computers often fail to work below 0°C and are prone to failure. If they are to be used, thermal air conditioning should be used to keep them warm so that they can work at normal temperatures.

Anti-smoke and dust is the enemy of home computers. It may infiltrate the hard disk, the most important storage device of the computer, and cause great damage to the hard disk. Therefore, when using the computer, smoking must be prohibited; after the computer is used, it is best to let it cool for a while, and then cover the dust cover; when the screen is too dusty, it is best to use anhydrous alcohol cotton ball from the center of the screen outwards Wipe; the keyboard and case should also be cleaned regularly. Dust removal work should be carried out under power failure.

Anti-noise All noise sources such as the roar of motors, mechanical vibrations, horns, and the startup of speakers will affect the operation of the computer, and are prone to data loss and transmission errors. Therefore, the computer should be placed in a quiet place.

The internal parts of anti-vibration computers are mostly connectors or mechanical structures, which will loosen under vibration conditions, which will affect the operation of the whole machine. Therefore, the home computer should be placed on a dedicated workbench to avoid shocks.

Antimagnetic Do not place the computer around magnetic items such as color TVs, audio systems, telephones, and electric fans. Because they generate electromagnetic fields when they work, it will cause damage to the information on the disk.

Anti-Voltage Fluctuation Home computers should generally work under 220V±10% voltage conditions. Too high or too low voltage will cause the computer to be overloaded or out of control. Therefore, qualified families are best equipped with stabilized power supply and uninterruptible power supply UPS. The power supply of the computer and the power supply of the household appliances should be separated as much as possible to reduce the impact of the electrical starting voltage and peak current on the computer.

Lightning-proof computers are the electronic equipment most afraid of lightning strikes, because computers are not resistant to static electricity released by lightning, and often due to the interference of static electricity, computer components have troubles that are not easy to find. Therefore, computer users must not only have the protection of the building's lightning protection device, but also have a lightning arrester that can prevent atmospheric induction electricity for the computer, and also lay an anti-static carpet in the computer room. Nevertheless, in severe weather with heavy thunder and lightning, it is best not to use the computer, and to unplug the computer power plug to ensure safety.

Once an anti-virus computer is infected with a virus, it will affect the normal operation of the computer at least, and it will erase the disk data and cause the entire computer system to crash. Therefore, the computer must be anti-virus, and the main method is to use a special disk for the special plane and refuse to use other people's floppy disks; newly purchased systems and software must be checked for viruses; important data in the system must be backed up regularly; and the computer is not allowed to execute the source. Unknown procedures, etc.

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