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This failure is usually caused by the following reasons: the power supply of the computer host is damaged, the COMS chip on the motherboard is damaged, the memory slot on the motherboard, the graphics card slot is damaged, the gold fingers of the memory stick are rusty, and the panel of the chassis and the motherboard may be defective. even.

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This fault is usually caused by the following reasons:

1. The main computer power supply is damaged. Although it can be turned on, it cannot be started normally. Please replace the power supply.

2. The COMS chip on the motherboard is damaged, especially after being damaged by the CIH virus, the computer cannot start normally.

3. The main unit power light is on and there is no other alarm sound. At this time, it may be that the CPU is damaged or the contact is poor.

4. There is no problem with the host device itself, but the host can be powered on but cannot self-check. At this time, the motherboard or CPU may be overclocked, just restore the BIOS default settings. If you cannot find the jumper to clear CMOS on the motherboard, you can directly remove the battery on the motherboard and short-circuit the positive and negative poles for ten seconds.

5. If the network card is damaged or the contact is not good, it may also cause the machine to fail to start.

6. The graphics card, memory and motherboard are not compatible, which will also cause the machine to fail to start.

7. The memory slot and graphics card slot on the motherboard are damaged.

8. The gold finger of the memory stick is rusty. You can wipe the gold finger with a newer RMB, and then reinsert it into the machine to solve the problem.

9. There is a large amount of dust in the host, which causes poor contact of computer accessories. It is recommended to use a hair dryer or a hair rinse to clean the dust.

10. It is possible that the panel of the chassis and the motherboard may be disconnected and jumped off manually. It is best to find someone who understands to try it for a long time. It is easy to fall in the chassis and cause a short circuit. The virtual connection may also be incompatible with the optical drive... Try to pull out the optical drive next time

11. The computer does not respond when pressing the power button, the keyboard light does not light up, does not flash, does not alarm, the display is normal, but there is no information

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