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The computer is integrated and assembled by a number of accessories, which are linked to each other to maintain the normal working state of the computer.

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1. CPU: One of the main accessories of the computer host depends on the frequency and the second-level cache, the third-level cache, and it also has the number of cores. The higher the frequency, the larger the second-level cache, the larger the third-level cache, and the more cores. The faster the CPU, only the three-level cache affects the corresponding speed.

2. Graphics card: This is to pay attention to the stream processing capacity of the graphics card and the size of the video memory and the video memory bit width. The bigger the better, this is directly related to the response speed of running large programs.

3. Motherboard: This is mainly used as a processing chip. For example, the notebook i965 has a stronger processing capacity than the i945 chip, and the i945 has a stronger ability to process data than the i910 chip, and so on.

4. Memory: The access speed of memory depends on its interface, number of particles and storage size (including memory interface: such as: SDRAM133, DDR333DDR2-533DDR2-800, DDR3-1333, DDR3-1600).

5. Hard disks: Hard disks are divided into solid state drives (SSD), mechanical hard drives (HDD), and hybrid hard drives (SSHD). Generally speaking, solid state drives are the fastest, followed by hybrid hard drives, and mechanical hard drives are the worst. kind.

6. Power supply: This depends on its sufficient power and good stability. A stable power supply also plays a very important role. The stable voltage and current of the various electronic components of the computer are the key to the life of the computer.

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