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Acoustics refer to sounds other than human language and music, including sounds of natural environments, sounds of animals, sounds of machines and tools, and various sounds made by human actions.

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First introduce the audio equipment: audio refers to other sounds besides human language and music, including the sounds of the natural environment, the sounds of animals, the sounds of machinery and tools, and the various sounds produced by human actions. Audio probably includes a power amplifier, peripheral equipment (including compressor, effector, equalizer, vcd, dvd, etc.), speakers (speakers, speakers) mixer, microphone, display equipment, etc. add up to a set. Among them, speakers are sound output devices, speakers, subwoofers, and so on. A speaker includes three loudspeakers, high, low, and medium, three but not necessarily three.

The development history of technology can be divided into four stages: electron tubes, transistors, integrated circuits, and field effect transistors.

The principle is:

Dielectric resonance hybrid sound, the sound principle, adopts vibrator vibration sound + paper tympanic horn sound, we who often use speakers know that, in addition to professional audio, ordinary ordinary audio bass is not enough, and the bass is good. The size of the dots is generally not small. This is mainly because the speakers that use speakers to produce sound are greatly affected by the size of the sound unit body. Therefore, many multimedia speakers directly use a subwoofer and external speakers to fully expand the volume range of the sound unit body. There is a big limitation on the shape of the audio speakers, which is why the speakers we see on the market are generally square and angular, and the bass effect is not very good.

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