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It has become a habit of most people to buy good quality products at a cheap price. But like buying audio equipment, you need to understand the quality, sound quality, materials and other factors, which will affect your consideration when buying audio. So do you want to know how to buy high-priced stage audio equipment?

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1. Look at the clarity of the sound

Whether the audio sound is clear or not is very important for the inspection of the phoneme characteristics of the stage audio equipment, mainly the resolution and the details of the music. Generally, the reverberation of piano notes or cymbals in the audition fades, and the small details are very clear, which proves the high clarity of this speaker. However, some speakers are quite vague in the details of the subtle parts, so this is the reason for the lack of clear sound.

2. Is it possible to balance and adjust the tone?

Generally, the sound of many stage audio equipment is restored as much as possible, fully reflecting the original musical instrument and sound performance characteristics, and perhaps sometimes the particularly important performance is reflected in the clear tonal balance performance. In this way, the sound sounds smooth and has no polished modification, and there is no obvious bass and treble description distortion.

3. Test with some music

When buying audio products, you can use some music to carry out a simple test, so that you can hear the quality of the stage audio equipment. If you audition with your own CD business, then you have the right to refuse. Because he may use the defects of the CD itself to cover up the defects of the sound. When consumers choose low-voice suggestions, they must bring the CDs they often listen to. For example, when they hear the music they are familiar with, they can distinguish between good and bad with a set of objective sounds.

4. Fine workmanship and raw materials

Stage audio equipment always presents inexplicable sounds, which are all caused by interference. Good sound has a good overall design, excellent cabinet quality and good crossover circuit design, and the workmanship is also very fine, the use of raw materials is also very careful, so as to ensure the quality of the sound and vitality.

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