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Acoustics refer to sounds other than human language and music, including sounds of natural environments, sounds of animals, sounds of machines and tools, and various sounds made by human actions.

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1. Put the equipment in the cabinet. Some people put the equipment in a custom-made cabinet for decoration and protection. This will make the sound unnatural due to the latent vibration caused by the space in the cabinet. The power amplifier and other equipment are prone to overheating and aging due to insufficient circulating air. If the speaker is installed on the wall, the sound effect will become blunt.

2. Stacking equipment. Many people like to place video disc players, amplifiers, tuners, digital-to-analog converters and other machines on top of each other, which will cause mutual interference, especially the serious interference between radium camcorders and power amplifiers, which will make the sound harder and produce a sense of depression. The correct way is to put the equipment on the audio rack designed by the factory.

3. The power plug can be positive or negative. A good system for the positive and negative processing of the power plug has a clear tone and is naturally smooth; the positive and negative are inconsistent or uneven, and the tone will be hard and rough.

4. The wiring is not firm and unclean. If the sound of the system is dry and hard, one of the reasons may be poor contact, such as weak plugs, oxidation of the contact surface, dust or oil stains, etc., so it should be checked frequently to keep the contact surface clean.

5. Use marble or glass to carry equipment. The low density of marble and high resonance will affect the sound effect. The density of glass is higher than that of marble, but it is not thick and the resonance is more serious. Granite or granite can be used, especially granite, which has the highest density and ideal load-bearing equipment, but the thickness should be more than 3 cm.

6. The placement of speakers is "adapted to local conditions". Some people have other furniture in the room, so they adjust the position of the speakers to the furniture. The correct one should first determine the listening distance, and then place the speakers at 1/3 between the seat and the opposite wall. The distance between the speakers is 0.7 times the direct distance between the listener and the speakers, and the height should be equal to the listener’s ears and the tweeter. .

7. Improper connection handling. Do not tie the power cord and the signal line together when handling the wiring, because the alternating current will affect the signal; the signal line or the speaker line must not be knotted, otherwise it will affect the sound; the signal line or the speaker line can be shortened if it is too long. Many signal lines have directionality, don't make mistakes.

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