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The origin and development process of electric rice cookers

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The initial design of the rice cooker was quite simple, operated by a button, and the pot was made of aluminum. Since then, the appearance design of this mechanical rice cooker has also changed a lot. Prints and cartoons have been added to the original body of the rice cooker.

Following the mechanical rice cooker, computer rice cookers are also on the market. They no longer only only cook rice, but also provide multiple functions such as timing, cooking, heat preservation, and menu selection, realizing multiple functions in one pot.

The inner tank is coated with non-stick material to ensure that it is not easy to paste rice and stick to the pot when cooking. There have also been many changes in the design of the lid of the rice cooker, which more effectively preserves the moisture and nutrition in the food, not only delicious, but also richer in nutrition.

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