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The rice cooker is mainly composed of a heating plate, a temperature limiter, a heat preservation switch, a lever switch, a current-limiting resistor, an indicator light, and a socket.

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Classification of rice cookers and structural characteristics of rice cookers

(1) There are two types of heating:

①Indirect heating rice cooker, its structure is divided into three layers: inner pot, outer pot and pot body. The inner pot is used to hold food, and the outer pot is used to install electric heating elements, thermostats and timers. These electrical components are fixedly installed on the outer pot to form a whole, and are sealed. The outermost layer is the pot body, which plays a dual role of safety protection and decoration. The advantages of this kind of rice cooker are: the food is heated evenly, the top and bottom of the cooked rice are the same soft and hard, the inner pot can be removed, and it is convenient to clean; the disadvantage is: the structure is more complicated, time-consuming, and power-consuming;

②Direct heating type rice cooker: The characteristic of this type of rice cooker is that the electric heating element directly heats the inner pot where the food is placed during use. Unlike the indirect heating rice cooker, the electric heating element heats the water in the outer pot into steam, and the steam heats the food in the inner pot. Therefore, it has high efficiency, saves time and electricity, and the disadvantage is that the cooked rice is easy to be inconsistent in softness and hardness.

(2) In terms of structure, there are:

①Combined rice cooker, there is no tight connection between the pot body and the electric heating seat. The pot body is placed on the electric heating seat and can be easily removed, which is easy to clean and can be placed on other heating elements or on the dining table;

②Integral rice cooker, the electric heating element is directly fixed on the bottom of the pot body, and the whole pot forms a whole. Due to the different structure of the pot body, the integral rice cooker can be divided into three types: single-layer rice cooker, double-layer rice cooker and three-layer rice cooker.

(3) According to the control method, there are:

①Insulation type, press the power switch when cooking rice, the power will be cut off automatically when the rice is cooked, when the temperature drops below 65℃, the heat preservation switch will switch on the circuit again, when the temperature rises to 65℃, the power will be cut off automatically. Alternate on and off to achieve the purpose of heat preservation.

②Timely start the heat preservation type. After the rice and water are put in the pot, turn on the timer switch, and you can choose the time to start cooking within 12 hours. After the rice is cooked, it can automatically keep warm and save energy.

③Computer control, using computer for program control, making the work automation program of the rice cooker higher.

The pot body materials of the rice cooker include ceramics, enamel, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The inner wall of the inner pot is usually sprayed with a layer of PTFE anti-scorch coating to make it difficult to paste during cooking and easy to clean.

The heating elements of the rice cooker include electric heating tube heating plates and P.T.C. element heating plates. Electric heating tube heating plate has good insulation, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and mechanical strength, long life and high efficiency; PTC element heating plate has the characteristics of positive temperature resistivity and automatic temperature control, high efficiency, no open flame, and safety High performance, rapid temperature rise, and less affected by power fluctuations.

The temperature control elements of the rice cooker include a bimetallic temperature control system and a magnetic material temperature control system. The former is not as safe and reliable as the latter.

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