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The characteristics of the computer: fast calculation speed, high calculation accuracy, strong logic calculation ability, large storage capacity, and high degree of automation.

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1. Fast calculation speed: The internal circuit composition of the computer can complete various arithmetic operations at high speed and accurately. The computing speed of today's computer systems has reached one trillion times per second, and the microcomputer can also reach over one billion times per second, enabling a large number of complex scientific computing problems to be solved.

2. High calculation accuracy: The development of science and technology, especially the development of cutting-edge science and technology, requires highly accurate calculations. The reason why a computer-controlled missile can accurately hit a predetermined target is inseparable from the precise calculation of the computer.

3. Strong logical operation ability: The computer can not only perform accurate calculations, but also has the function of logical operation, which can compare and judge information. The computer can save the data, programs, intermediate results and final results participating in the calculation, and can automatically execute the next instruction according to the judgment result for the user to call at any time.

4. Large storage capacity: The internal memory of the computer has memory characteristics and can store a large amount of information. This information includes not only various types of data information, but also programs for processing these data.

5. High degree of automation: Because the computer has storage and memory capabilities and logical judgment capabilities, people can put pre-programmed program groups into the computer memory. Under the control of the program, the computer can work continuously and automatically without human intervention.

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