The role of the computer-Alice factory


The role of the computer: document editing, data management, picture browsing and processing, and teaching aids.

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1. Edit the document. The Notepad and WordPad applications that come with the Windows 10 system are simple document processing software. In addition, users can also install word processing software as powerful as Word in the system, and use these software to edit documents, typeset text, and insert pictures.

2. Data management. Computers were originally used to analyze and process data, so data management is one of the main functions of computers. In many companies, most of the computers have installed the form processing software-Excel. The software can not only make the hashed data into a table, but also arrange and filter the data in the table.

3. Picture browsing and processing. Users can use the computer to browse and process pictures. There are many softwares for browsing pictures, you can use the photo Metro application and Windows photo viewer that comes with the Windows 10 system, or you can install the ACDsee software and use the software to browse pictures.

4. Auxiliary teaching. In the modern teaching field, many microcomputers (PC) are used to assist teaching. Auxiliary teaching is also called multimedia teaching. The use of multimedia teaching software to impart knowledge makes teaching more vivid and vivid.

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