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Development History of Smart TV

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In 1958, my country's first black and white TV Beijing brand 14-inch black and white TV was born in Tianjin 712 Factory.

On December 26, 1970, my country's first color TV was born at the same place, which opened the prelude to China's color TV production.

In 1978, the state approved the introduction of the first color TV production line, which was fixed in the former Shanghai TV Factory, which is now the SVA Group.

From 1985 to 1993, China's color TV market achieved a large-scale upgrade from the replacement of black and white TVs to color TVs.

In 1999, consumer-grade plasma color TVs appeared in domestic shopping malls, and the price of 40-inch plasma color TVs was more than 100,000 yuan.

In 2002, Changhong announced that it had successfully developed China's first LCD TV with the largest screen.

In 2002, TCL launched the "popularization storm" of plasma TVs, opening the door for plasma TVs to enter consumer homes.

In 2010, some manufacturers launched smart TVs with open platforms, which was the beginning of smart TVs.

At the beginning of 2011, smart TVs with the android operating system began to appear.

In 2012, smart TVs with android4.0 system began to appear.

In 2016, the development of smart TVs has entered an era of black technology, such as 4K, VR, curved screens, etc. are the main points for people to buy smart TVs today.

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