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If the TV is used improperly, it will affect the life of the TV.

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If the TV is used improperly, it will affect the life of the TV.

1. Pay attention to the influence of geomagnetism. The fluorescent screen of a large-screen color TV should be placed facing south or north, so that the direction of the earth's magnetic field is consistent with the direction of the electron beam in the picture tube to prevent geomagnetism from affecting the color purity.

2. Pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation. When using a large-screen color TV, do not cover it with plastic cloth, cloth cover, etc., and do not pad foam plastic at the bottom, so as not to affect the air permeability and heat dissipation of the color TV.

3. Pay attention to color and volume. The color, volume, and contrast of the large-screen color TV should be appropriate, so that not only the viewing effect is good, but also power saving, and can also extend the life of the TV.

4. The brightness of the TV should not be too large. On the premise that the image is clear, it is better to adjust the brightness to darker. If you turn on the brightness too high, firstly, it will accelerate the aging of the fluorescent substance of the TV, causing it to be depleted prematurely, shortening the life of the TV;.

5. Take care to protect the picture tube. Do not move or shake the TV when you are watching a program or when it is just turned off to prevent damage to the picture tube. The picture tube should be protected from direct sunlight

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