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The types of TV sets are classified in terms of performance: color TVs, digital TVs, LCD TVs, plasma TVs, Internet TVs, and quantum dot TVs.

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1. Color TV: It is the biggest revolution in the field of TV development. Although there are only more color changes from black and white TV to color TV, it has brought real colors to people's lives and entered a color world.

2. Digital TV: It is a general term for applying digital technology to the field of TV manufacturing. Since we have digital TV, we have realized the functions of remote control, preview and tuning.

3. LCD TV: No eye irritation, high-definition image, long life. The manufacturing cost of LCD TVs is relatively low, so the price is moderate, and the screen can be large or small, and the volume occupied is small. It is currently the most popular TV product in the market.

4. Plasma TV: It was introduced to the market together with LCD TV, and it has always been on par with LCD TV in terms of definition, performance or function. However, its manufacturing cost is higher than that of LCD TVs, so the current price is also higher than that of LCD TVs.

5. Internet TV: It is a misunderstanding of Internet TV playback software. At present, there is no so-called Internet TV, but powerful Internet TV software.

6. Quantum dot TV: Quantum dot TV can be said to be a new generation of technology that replaces LED TVs. It replaces LED backlight screens. It can already be comparable to OLED TVs in terms of color performance. It is very helpful to improve the picture quality in terms of color. Quantum dot technology is an emerging technology in the TV industry. However, domestic brands are following up relatively quickly. Those with higher requirements for picture quality can pay attention to TV products equipped with this technology. With 4K ultra-high-definition resolution, it can display details and colors. Simultaneous improvement in performance.

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