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Types of TVs, classified from appearance: flat-screen TVs, curved TVs, CRT picture tube TVs, rear projection TVs, projection TVs.

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  1. 1.Flat-panel TVs: The main advantage is that they are quite thin, can be hung on the wall to watch, and their display screens can be very large. However, its disadvantage is that the viewing angle, response speed, etc. are subject to certain restrictions, and the price is extremely expensive.

2. Curved TV: As the name implies, compared to flat-panel TVs, curved TVs have changed the flat-panel TV screens that we have long been accustomed to, forming a certain curvature, imitating the screen design of IMAX theaters, and creating a surround-type visual experience for viewers. For the current relatively new TV technology, the market price of curved TVs is higher than that of flat-panel TVs of the same brand and configuration.

3. CRT picture tube TV: The main advantage is that it is excellent in all aspects, but its largest screen is about 34 inches, and it is thick and heavy, and it costs electricity, but the price is very cheap in comparison.

4. Rear-projection TV: Traditional CRT rear-projection is not very popular anymore, and the market is robbed by digital rear-projection. DLP optical display rear projection is currently more popular, because it can be said to be a real digital TV, which performs very well in all aspects. The screen is larger and smaller, and it is currently the most popular one.

5. Projection TV: In fact, it is the civilian version of the projector we see in the company meeting room. It is usually installed at home and can be used to watch movies.

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